Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heal Thyself!

Amusingly in light of the embarrassing standards of debate Objectivists regularly demonstrate here, Greg Perkins over at Noodlefood enlightens us as to what he considers the "ground rules for rational discussion."

Sample quote:
"Thinking over the common ways things go off the rails while talking with non-Objectivists, I put together the following to try to set expectations, keep things on the rails longer, encourage more seriousness and intellectual honesty, scare away the unworthy, and so on."

Some of the comments are priceless too.

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Anonymous said...

The typical ARI argumenter ignores his opponents evidence and resorts to name calling.

I am reminded of my dust-up with Diana Hsieh and Don Watkins over Rand's view of evolution.

Since Watkins' link appears dead, I'll post the discussion by Robert Campbell --

Sorry I don't know how to put links into comments.