Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Watch Another So-Bad-It’s-Fun Clip From Atlas Shrugged: The Movie

Watch Another So-Bad-It’s-Fun Clip From Atlas Shrugged: The Movie

This also in from New York Magazine's entertainment section. And yes, it's pretty bad alright. It reminds me of the immortal Libby Gelman Waxner's line: it's like this movie was designed by NASA to see how long people could last in space without entertainment.


Michael Prescott said...

I liked the scene. It captured the characters and created sympathy for Hank Rearden (who seems to be very well played by Bowler). Not seeing the problem so far.

Daniel Barnes said...

I agree Bowler is good too, and not just cos he's a Kiwi...;-) He really is a warm, charismatic guy.

I'm probably disliking the scene for the same reason I dislike the book: philosophy aside, the groaning obviousness of it all. You can tell exactly how the characters are going to act and what they're going to say from the moment they appear on screen. So I'm groaning and rolling my eyes as they say it.

Damien said...

Daniel Barnes,

Based on this one scene, if I knew nothing about Atlas Shrugs I'd think it was a very slow romantic movie. What's really bad about it through, was that the imagine was literally cut in half. I couldn't see all the text at the beginning of the video and the last couple numbers of the release date wasn't showing.

stuart said...

Michael, I agree with you. Grant Bowler was instantly compelling and the Lillian was good too- you like to dislike her (I think that's what you're supposed to do).
Everyone seems to think the Dagny is fine also. It seems these actors really "get" their characters and that is 3/4 of a movie.

The other quarter is for us to feast on!

Michael Prescott said...

"the image was literally cut in half"

To see the clip properly, go here:


Scroll down a little and you'll see the clip on the right side of the page.

Damien said...

Michael Prescott,

Thank you.

Michael Prescott said...

Okay, this is just weird.


If you don't want to bother clicking, the take-away is that producer John Aglialoro says Part 3 of Atlas Shrugged could be a musical, like Les Miserables.

The parody potential of this idea is literally unlimited.

gregnyquist said...

"The parody potential of this idea is literally unlimited."

Not only that, but it's actually a rather ingenious way of solving some of the chief problems that an adaption, particularly Galt's speech. Why not do Galt's speech as a prolonged sung monologue patterned after Brunhilde's Immolation Scene from Wagner's Ring? Of course, it would have to be scored for a high voice, to assure that the words will be indecipherable, but that's a problem that can easily be solved, say, by casting Galt either as a counter-tenor or, better yet, a castrato.

stuart said...

Greg-O, you're brilliant! This is just the breakthrough idea we, the producers of Liverless in Starnesville, were looking for and our people will be calling your people pronto. Atlas the opera is a greenlight for sure.

No worries with the aria, Galt will be a castrato for sure when the Torturers get through with him.

gregnyquist said...

"No worries with the aria, Galt will be a castrato for sure when the Torturers get through with him."

What a lovely and piquant inspiration! Originally, I had thought perhaps of explaining Galt's high pitched roar as a consequence of his prolonged virginity, but this is even more realistic. Only problem: how do we move the torturer scene before the speech without irreparably mauling the plot? Oh, I've got it: we'll have Galt bawl his speech while being tortured. What could be more dramatic, or more conducive to troubadorist spirit at the heart of Rand's novel?

stuart said...

What plot? Oh, that. Essentializing is the key in conveying this grand theme! Your idea is the best! Billy Joel is already onboard to rework "My Life!"