Monday, April 08, 2024

Objectivist Round-up, April 2024

1. Another month and another Kindle book about Rand.  This time it's Individual and Society: Navigate Ayn Rand's Individualism and John Dewey's Communal Insights by one Adrian Locke  It's brief and I've only skimmed it, but the book mentions Dewey only twice in passing without any citations to his works (likewise no citations to Rand's work) so I'm not sure what the point is.

2. Yale University just announced an addition to its Jewish Lives series, Ayn Rand: Writing a Gospel of Success by Alexandra Popoff  It will be the first English biography of Rand since the 2009 biographies by Anne Heller and Jennifer Burns.* The book, which is due out in August, will be 264 pages long.  The blurb says the book is "exhaustively researched" but it's shorter than three full-length biographies of Rand (Burns, Heller and Barbara Branden).

3.  Speaking of biographies of Ayn Rand, Yaron Brook said recently the long-awaited authorized biography of Rand by Shoshana Milgram Knapp has taken longer than he "would have liked or expected."  One can only speculate on the reason for the delay.

4.  The Ayn Rand Institute's Ayn Rand University is up and running.  If you don't want to enroll you can audit Harry Binswanger's Objectivist Logic for a mere $1,580.

*If I recall correctly, there were biographies in French and Russian.