Friday, December 15, 2006

ARCHN Quote of the Week

"In reading over the remarks about sex scattered through the Objectivist literature, I cannot help thinking that philosophy and sex do not mix well. Most philosophers, as soon as they begin hatching abstruse theories about sex, wind up spouting some of the most ridiculous nonsense on record. Consider the following gem from Leonard Peikoff's treatise on Objectivism:
'Proper human sex...requires men and women of stature, in regard to both moral character and metaphysical outlook.' (OPAR, p348)
(If) a person of high stature in moral character and metaphysical outlook is somone who lives in accordance with Objectivist principles, Peikoff could have expressed what he wanted to say much more clearly by merely insisting that in order to have proper sex, you must be an Objectivist."
- Greg Nyquist, ARCHN, p267


Anonymous said...

So we should take Peikoff as an example of one of the few men of stature who can engage in proper human sex? Well, I can't say that I find the idea really inspiring...

Daniel Barnes said...

Just wait for the videotape lecture series...;-0

Daniel Barnes said...

Y'know, I was trekking through "Atlas Shrugged" again after I posted this quote, and I came across that bit where Francisco d'Anconia confesses it's all an act - he isn't really the sybarite he seems. In fact, despite being a playboy of the Western world, and dating every glamour queen from Hollywood to New York and back again, he has never slept with any of them. In ten years or so, not even one - not even just to, well, check it out. How bad could it be?

Sheesh, what's the matter with the guy? What sort of sexual experience was he hoping to bring to his ultimate romantic relationship. And how on earth did he damp down the inevitable gay rumours...;-)

Objectivist sex is very strange.

Anonymous said...

The videotape lecture series would look something like this: (substitute cleese with peikoff)