Thursday, November 16, 2006

Charge the Electrodes

There are the intelligent, thoughtful and articulate Ayn Rand fans. And then there are the others. Thus we at ARCHN hail the new Randzapper blog, boldly trolling the internets seeking the nuttiest Randian commentators - so you don't have to. The ARCHN team recognise at least one batshit crazy unit from round these parts, and should the mysterious owner of Randzapper wish to drop us a line sometime, we're sure we can throw a few other gems their way. (hat tip to Michael Prescott)


Anonymous said...

Although not in the same league as those on the randzapper site, I've always found ARIan Craig Biddle interesting. If there were a category for ARIan who has gone farthest with the least, he would be it. Look at some of his entries --

This guy actually gives lectures sold by the ARI.

Daniel Barnes said...

I'm a big Reginald Firehammer fan myself:

It's a comedy gold mine, especially for gay muslims.

Anonymous said...

hello.. great blog :D
i enjoyed RandZapper's too. Hey, throw some my way, you guys with your Rand-inspired blogs are inspiring me to revive my own. The Randians are a dependable source of comedy. And if i know there is a market for this, maybe i'll revive my blog too -- it's at right now. gimmea a shout if you will