Sunday, November 26, 2006

Give Me Death

The tireless Randzapper brings us more oozings from the pro-genocide, pro-infanticide wing of the Ayn Rand fanbase:

Step forward Mr Fred Weiss:
"I can't imagine her regarding the Arabs as anything but something approaching sub-humans who should be bombed back to the Stone Age if necessary and if that were required to get them to behave. That's pretty much how she viewed the American Indians and she (Rand) fully supported their annihilation."
And Mr Bob Kolker:
"I have no problem with infanticide on a day old infant or a week old infant. I get antsy around a month. This is based on experience with my own children."
So the guy would clearly get a little "antsy" about murdering his own children if they were around a month old - but not before. Get a little "antsy"?


Anonymous said...

Get a life. Who dedicates their lives to misrepresenting a person's philosophy? This site is pathetic and clearly doesn't understand Objectivism.

Daniel Barnes said...

>Who dedicates their lives to misrepresenting a person's philosophy?

Ummm...Ayn Rand? Leonard Peikoff? They've misrepresented just about every major philosopher in history!

Anonymous said...

Final test - DB