Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ARCHNblog Shoutout: "Meg's Marginalia"

Here at the ARCHNblog we welcome another entrant to the small but merrily growing band of sites critical of Objectivism. "Meg's Marginalia" is the product of one of our regular commenters, and she promises to provide both a chick-perspective to Rand critique and a freewheeling "commentary on Rand, her works, her life, other people's works about Rand, commentary about Rand-fans and Rand-haters, from internet sources, print sources, meta sources, anything." Meg's even threatening her own loyalty oath...we dread to think. Anyway, stop by and say hi.


Anonymous said...

Looks interesting, but... that color!

Meg's Marginalia said...

hey, i'm a girl.. i like pink
just like Ayn did
tee hee!