Friday, May 22, 2009

Valliant: Surrounded by Conspiracy!

Updating our recent chucklesome expose of James S. Valliant's obsessive self-promotional sockpuppetry on Wikipedia, he is now claiming to have evidence that one of the same people at the very heart of the evil conspiracy against Ayn Rand supposedly revealed in his very peculiar book  - Barbara Branden - is also now behind his current misfortunes at the Wikipedia. Oddly, however, Valliant is seemingly only able to reveal the evidence of this new and terrifying Branden Conspiracy secretly to his friends, who in turn seem strangely reluctant what cough up what this evidence actually is. (The ARCHNblog can only wonder if Valliant perhaps reads it out from a series of golden plates hidden inside his hat). One would think that if such conclusive evidence existed, Valliant would have immediately presented to the authorities at the Wikipedia in his defense. (There is no mention of Barbara Branden's involvement anywhere in the copious discussion at Wikipedia to date). Yet he has not done so, just as he has so far refused to front up to the Wikipedia team in person. Let's see if he ever does.

Elsewhere, Barbara Branden categorically denies Valliant's evidence-free conspiracy theories.


Neil Parille said...

Barbara Branden has said she did not alert Wikipedia to this, but whoever did undertook a public service if you ask me.

Since the editing of Rand related material has been quite an issue in itself apparently, I doubt anyone in particular had to finger Valliant as the perp.

Neil Parille said...

For those who haven't been following the situation, Perigo now admits that there is evidence that Barbara Branden was responsible for the deletion of references to PARC and the banning of Valliant.

Valliant has been silent.

Neil Parille said...

I mean to say that Perigo admits he has no proof.

Anon69 said...

The plot thickens:

To my listeners:

I would appreciate any help that you can give me in my effort to reverse Wikipedia’s decision in this issue.

Thank you,

Leonard Peikoff

Dear Mr. Wales...