Friday, October 30, 2009

Jennifer Burns and Anne Heller Speak at Cato


Neil Parille said...

If I haven't mentioned it, I finished the Heller book and it's excellent. If I had time to read only one book, that would be the one I'd read.

Xtra Laj said...

Better than Burns's book?
The reviews have been good, though they have claimed that she is a bit sycophantic with praise for Rand.

proudfootz said...

Interesting that Rand aspired to be a 'John Steinbeck of the Right'.

The other day I heard Ralph Nader talking about his new 'novel of ideas' being in part an answer to Ayn Rand.

Anonymous said...

In what sense are you using the word interesting here proudfootz?

proudfootz said...

It is just broadly interesting to me to learn about the sorts of things that prompt or inspire an author. I find it interesting that 'Morte d'Arthur' inspired Steinbeck to become a writer.

For me it was Tolkien's LOTR.

And I was amused that Nader's book is in part prompted by Rand's work:

Apparently his 'Galt's Gulch' crew don't retreat to the wilderness like Achilles to his tent but actually work within society to make the changes they envision - even using the tactics of the rightists to accomplish their goals.