Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jennifer Burns on Jon Stewart

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Following up on Greg's review of "Ayn Rand: Goddess of the Market" below, here's Burns interviewed by Jon Stewart. My review is in the pipeline, but in short this book surely deserves the major play it's getting.


Anon69 said...

Conservative Mark Levin on his radio program recently made note of Rand's atheism and rejection of what he called "a transcendent moral order" as reason why he could not fully embrace her views. So the right's supposed overlooking of Rand's atheism is hardly as uniform as Burns and Stewart suggest here.

Mark Plus said...

Atheism has become more socially accepted in the U.S. since Rand's death in 1982, probably as a byproduct of the collapse of communism. Now many financially successful business people and celebrities feel free to acknowledge their nonbelief. This trend, which apparently no one anticipated, has made Rand's atheism less of an impediment for people inclined to gravitate towards her quasi-conservative views of economics and government.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all this major plaay must have paif off as the book just scrapes into the top 350 best seller list in at no 348.